Rivivi la serie classica riportata ai giorni nostri in un’unica collezione. Roger Wilco è un ingegnere sanitario in servizio presso il laboratorio spaziale Arcada. Un giorno si sveglia e scopre che i pirati spaziali hanno ucciso tutti a bordo.
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Data di rilascio: 1 set 2006

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Informazioni sul gioco

Rivivi la serie classica riportata ai giorni nostri in un’unica collezione.

  • Roger Wilco è un ingegnere sanitario in servizio presso il laboratorio spaziale Arcada. Un giorno si sveglia e scopre che i pirati spaziali hanno ucciso tutti a bordo. Roger dovrà fuggire dal The Sarien Encounter prima che i pirati usino il Generatore Stellare di Arcada contro il pianeta di Xenon.
  • Eroe e detentore del Mocio Dorato, Roger Wilco non fa in tempo a godersi la promozione a capo dell’impresa di pulizie, che viene rapito dal malvagio Sludge Vohaul. Riuscirà Roger a fuggire dalle grinfie della Labion Terror Beast e ad impedire la Vohaul's Revenge?
  • Altre circostanze particolari costringono il nostro eroe su Phleebhut, dove Arnoid l’Annichilatore vuole saldare i conti con Roger. Nel frattempo, il presidente della ScumSoft e The Pirates of Pestulon hanno rapito i Due Tizi di Andromeda, e Roger Wilco rappresenta l’ultima speranza.
  • La polizia Sequel è stata inviata dal rinato Sludge Vohaul per mettere in atto la sua vendetta finale. Roger Wilco e i Time Rippers dovranno viaggiare nello spazio e nel tempo, tra futuro e passato, per salvare Roger Jr. e Xenon.
  • In qualità di capitano della SCS Eureka bidoni di immondizia e come laureato all’Accademia StarCon, Roger Wilco si trova ad affrontare la The Next Mutation quando il comandante ufficiale, Capitan Quirk, è determinato a distruggere la StarConfederacy.
  • Trascinato in tribunale per aver violato le regole nel suo tentativo di salvare l’universo, Roger Wilco si trova di nuovo in un’impresa di pulizie. Approfittando del permesso per scendere a terra, Wilco dovrà salvare Corpsman Santiago e imbarcarsi sullaThe Spinal Frontier.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
    • Processore: Processore Pentium® III 800 MHz o equivalente Athlon™
    • Memoria: 128 MB RAM
    • Grafica: Scheda video compatibile con Microsoft® Windows® Compatible
    • Hard Drive: 815 MB di spazio disponibile sull’ Hard Drive
    • Audio: Scheda Audio Compatibile con Microsoft® Windows®
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Pubblicata: 28 agosto 2015
Essential must-have game for the Point & Click adventure fans out there.

The story, the puzzles is good enough to entertain and mindblowing you.

>save often,
>explore environment thoroughly,
>learn something,

and don't look for any hints. (Well except for some puzzle that need the official game manual)
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Pubblicata: 13 ottobre 2015
Space Quest Collection on Steam is a digital rerelease of collection from 2006. It had 6 main Space Quest games in it, brutal comedy Sierra adventure games that have excellent humor but you probably should use walkthrough and many saves. Spans from 1986 to 1995, so you will see a bit of evolution here. But it's not complete compilation.

It doesn't have the original EGA version of the first Space Quest, only VGA remake version. And Space Quest 4 that is included here is a CD version. It also comes with shortened manual of SQ1 to SQ6 which is important as some of them have copy protection that requires reading manual. If forget that it doesn't include the second manual "Popular Janitronics" for SQ6 that contained important instructions for in-game puzzle. Just Google it out.
It was 2006 collection, so it doesn't come with any Space Quest extras, like game that includes every mini-game from the series. No development video. No other fun videos. No cheaply done CGI teaser of Space Quest 7, you will have to YouTube it all out. Oh, and search for Space Quest 3 Promo while at it, it's a good fun.

Instead this collection's main catch was that it was supposed to work perfectly on Windows XP. By licensing DosBox. Which is outdated by now and not configured properly.
Maybe I could write a lot on technical info of how bad this is, but you know what. Just check Steam Guides and find the one that links you to fan update for this DosBoxed collection. Even though you will not be able to launch games straight from your Steam, your life will be easier.

As for games themselves, those are mostly credited as being job of Two Guys from Andromeda from Sierra, will have you follow Roget Wilco, a janitor and idiot who is clearly not a responsible adult. And he has dumb luck. And series had one great humor to it, coming from announcer and death messages. Yep, lots of death scenes in this one. Not to mention that games were generally good for Sierra games, with nice world and nice puzzles here and there. But it's Sierra games which means that it aged. I mean, it's fun to have death scenes, but having dead ends because you forgot item around hour ago is a big no-no for me. So eh. I just used walkthrough in this one.
Still more fun and safer than King Quest though. Hm, collection of that one went off Steam recently though. Anyway, off to drop quick comments on each game.

Space Quest 1 VGA:
A pretty short adventure on very few locations with no ability to backtrack. In this one you will have to rescue Star Generator from hands of aliens race. Well, this one is VGA remake from Space Quest 4 era. Sierra tried to remake a few of first games of their Quest series. Yes, it has dead ends. At least it helps that you have icon interface instead of text parser. Remake even has cheat-device to make annoying gambling part impossible to lose. Yes, original included machine on which you had to gamble and try to get a certain amount of money.
And hey, humor is there. And death messages humor. And somewhat gory deaths occasionally.
Don't forget about copy protection in manual. And don't forget to pull catridge back after you use it in the middle of a game.
Also, it has strange bug with speed setting. It doesn't affect everything in the game. You have to crank it up to be able to overrun walking droid mine in desert area.
Oh, and there are 3-issue comics that were made by Malibu, I think. Can be worth to track those down. No, it's not in-game thing.

Space Quest 2:
Came out in 1987, this one will show you the meaning of retro adventure, with parser command and walking with arrows. Actually, it will show you all the bad about them too. No regret of using walkthrough. It has dead ends, deaths, having to navigate through maze with pixel-accuaricy or die, having to guess with no big hints what to do, obscure puzzles, tedious walking, barely any characters, boring locations and huge maze where you can see small area around your character, oh my. Oh well, death messages are there. And you are now stopping a new villian, Sludge Vohaul. Stopping him from ending civilization by sending salemans. Yep, it got a bit less serious.

Space Quest 3:
Came out in 1989, was one of the first games to use Sierra's new engine that at this state allowed dumb straight movement by mouse, had a lot of cool effects for EGA game and was one of the first games on PC to use soundcard, with nice music here and there. The thing about this one is that it feels a bit like developers were running out of inspirations and just decided to do straight jokes. I mean, you can read easily from manual that you are supposed to save two personas of two main developers from evil ScumSoft corporation. Well, less Space, more jokes.
From one point it has some interesting setting and stuff, like getting chased by Arnoid. Or having to play horrible arcade game. But then you are also often left wandering around aimlessly at some point of a game.
It also has most gory deaths in series. I couldn't giggle at message because I was feeling too squishy.
That, and I would have never figured out to grab something that is few times bigger than main hero and isn't even visible in the current screen.

Space Quest 4:
It's time to be Time Ripper and kick butt of Sequel Police. Wait, you should be afraid of them actually. Anyway, this is beautiful VGA game now and has icon interface. Came out in 1991. Ask any fan, and they point at this part as their favourite. Though in this case, for every good thing, there is a bad thing somewhere else in the game. Still, most important thing, humor is at the peak there, alright. Actually, since it's CD version, you will be able to hear speech. And that announcer has one awesome announcer. Even "don't touch it!" will make you smile. Though they say that CD has slightly worse graphics than floppy, less animation, they say.
Sadly, it has painful parts. Not sure about dead ends now, there may be some. In one case, you are punished in the beggining at some point because you took one item some time ago. I know that announcer keeps warning how bad this item is, but we are potty-trained to grab everything. Also, Skate-O-Rama. Save tons of times and try to move in zero gravity in such way that police will miss you. Good luck.

Space Quest 5:
A little more on parody of Star Trek, this one was given to Dynamix to make and release it in 1993. It was floppy only release, so no speeches this time. And oh my, this one steps up in adventure games design. I am still not sure about dead ends, but this one has interesting narrative, that will actually make you interested to go into various place and progress in the game all time, as you command fleet and stop mutation. Humor is still there, althrough not as extreme. That first puzzle feltd hiralious for me. Old comics style is awesome.
Just don't forget to look into manual for coordinates.
You know, I actually could recommend it to modern gamer and almost regretted using walkthrough... Until I got to the maze part.
Dammit Wilco, you dummy-butt, you was so close at being best!
Oh well, you are just a janitor.

Space Quest 6:
Released in 1995, this one was done almost without original developers. Which means that a lot of puzzles had no needed hints and were obscure. That, and art style will turn off many people, looking like high-animated Microsoft Paint characters drawn on top of early CGI. And you would start in the dark ugly area with no directions and not much interesting parts. And try to solve obscure puzzle where you really should know what to do to begin with.
Ehh, it's not awesome. Get a bit better and a bit worse.
Actually, it has a glitch at tape worm screen near the end of game. Have to disable scrolling in options there. Vertical scrolling messes up.
Don't forget to find "Popular Janitronics" manual for puzzle.
It also had demo version that has different plot. Can be worth to check out.

Anyway, use walkthrough, but play these.
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Pubblicata: 30 novembre 2013
I loved playing these games growing up! Try not to get frustrated when you (inevitably) die several times before you can move past an area; quite often the death scenes are just as entertaining as the puzzle itself!

You must resist the temptation to read any sort of walkthrough or watch any Let’s Play videos… at least until after you’ve beat the game. All of the fun of these games comes from the challenge of figuring out the puzzles. If you start reading hints online, you will inevitably spoil something for yourself, and once you know the solution there’s no going back.

So do yourself a favor: Make sure you save your game often, die in as many ways as possible, and enjoy the victory knowing that you conquered the challenge with only your own intellect!
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Pubblicata: 5 dicembre 2013
Space Quest was the very first PC game I ever played. I was addicted the moment I got it for Christmas way back in the 80s. Since then I was a huge adventure game fanatic and the Space Quest series were awesome. They had humor, fun puzzles, and good eye candy for the time. I have a lot of great memories spending all day at the computer playing the Space Quest series.
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Pubblicata: 5 febbraio 2015
Very buggy - All of these games freeze when you die and try to restore, rather than having to start over. Space quest 6 crashes during initial load-up. Loved this game as a kid, but this release of it is super disapointing, its barely playable.
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